DVD Release

Forewarned Films is proud to announce the DVD release of IN THE DARK:

"It can't be called brilliant, but it is close."

"In The Dark deserves respect for sticking to its thematic guns, and especially for its performances and its dramatic tempo."

"There's a comedy, a caper film and other surprises in this small but clever movie that has the blind leading the blind."

"a pleasant surprise the comedy is never excessively quirky, the dialogue and crime aspect don't come across in that ubiquitous self-conscious post-Tarantino manner, and it makes a social statement without being cloying or didactic."

IN THE DARK won the Gold Remi at the 2006 Worldfest-Houston Film Festival, the festival that gave Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Rodriguez, The Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, Jonathan Demme and Ang Lee their first filmmaking awards.

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