Brian Luna

Brian Luna was born deep in the heart of Texas where he grew up on a firm diet of meat, football, and westerns.  After high school he received a scholarship to study theatre at the acclaimed American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  Since then, he has had the wonderful opportunity to perform with some amazing talent across the city.  His numerous roles include Bill Reach in "Down the Road", Walker in "Two Rooms", Enkidu in "Gilgamesh", and Robert in "Beyond the Horizon".  He has also done numerous commercials and industrials, many of them appearing nationwide.  He is honored to be a part of this amazing production and wishes to thank the cast and crew (in this case, sometimes they are one in the same) for all of their hard work in making this dream a reality.

He would like to give special thanks to Matt and Letia for their faith, and Christian for the happiest feet on the planet.  Also, thank you to Elvis, Johnny, and Willie for their inspiration and all of his friends and family for their continued support.  And he would like to thank his father, Ben Luna, for always being Dad.  TCB.