Christian Clouston

Christian Clouston was not born into success. No, he hunted down that grizzly called Life and pried Success from its bloody claws. "I still try to cook for myself every month or so. Just to remember what it was like to be a nobody."

Currently wrapping up production on the long-delayed Gunheavy and Sureshot, Partners in Bounty Hunting - a movie in which he plays the title role of "Brick Gunheavy" - Clouston denies reports that his ego necessitated full rewrites and nearly halted filming. "You know, of course it's regrettable that we never cast anyone as 'Dick Sureshot', but the truth of the matter is that when I'm in the zone there often isn't any more room on the screen anyway. I felt very strongly from Day One that this was going to be a project that would give the audience their money's worth. And you know what? The fewer costars I have, the more chances I have to give it to them."