Press Clippings

Film Threat - December 4, 2008
Watch this film if you ever get the chance. It's one of those rare things where the actors are equal to the story (and vice versa), and that alone should make it worth your time.
Hollywood Elsewhere - June 3, 2006
In the Dark deserves respect for sticking to its thematic guns, and especially for its performances.
Houston Chronicle - April 28, 2006
The tone is amusing, much of the dialogue is funny, and the climax is satisfying.
CHUD - April 28, 2006
The movie looks far better than a little no-budget digital film has any right to, thanks to director Letia Miller.
San Antonio Express News - April 27, 2006
In the Dark is an independent film about a young Latino in the low end of the movie business.
Conexion - April 20, 2006
Luna identified with a character facing emotional and financial hardship.
Houston Chronicle - April 18, 2006
There's a comedy, a caper film and other surprises in this small but clever movie that has the blind leading the blind.