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**** Excellent
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Doug Brunell
December 4, 2008


There will be some viewers who will be turned off by what the Messenger has to go through to get to his final goal. The racism, while not violent, is realistic and therefore disturbing in its ignorance. The agents were also fairly one-dimensional, but that fits, as people like them generally tend to be one-note souls. Had they been more self-aware, the plot would have failed, and quite honestly they came across as they should have: little men with some money and no goals other than sex, drugs and obtaining more power. The kind of guys whose intellect stopped at fifteen. You really can't get more base than that.

Watch this film if you ever get the chance. It's one of those rare things where the actors are equal to the story (and vice versa), and that alone should make it worth your time. The fact that the tale is pretty interesting is just icing on the cake.