About The Movie

He is called Taco. Pepe. Chi-chi. Paco. Mocking names that pry at the color of his skin. He's a young Texan trying to make his way as a courier in Los Angeles, enduring the insults and isolation while looking for a way out.

Three Hollywood uber-agents exploit his desperation, using him as a means to deliver questionable merchandise to their celebrity clientele. Emboldened by the success of their illicit trade, the agents propose a more lucrative, and dangerous, venture. They promise power and respect -- hollow words that prey on adolescent desires. For the messenger, it is a chance to escape his struggles. All he has to do is sacrifice his only friend.

Directed by Letia Miller in her feature debut, In The Dark stars Brian Luna as an Hispanic messenger seemingly bound by color and status. He's bright, kind and funny but the torment of his station in life brings with it loneliness and pain.

Matt Clouston plays Chris, an awkward and unassuming young man in love... with nothing to offer. In trying for a better life for his girlfriend, Kate, he recklessly agrees to help his troubled friend. The stakes, however, get very high, very quick, and Chris soon becomes the target of the agents' cruelty. As the torment escalates from ridicule to violence, the young messenger is forced to question how well thought out his plan for success really is.